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We need your help!

SCNA is looking for a new association committee commencing the 2023 Winter Competition.


Current president and treasurer, Nat and Ness, made a 12 month commitment to keep social netball running in Torquay and then pass this on to the next committee. We're so grateful to all who have helped us out over this time but unfortunately we haven't received enough interest to look within the current committee and fill our positions.

The end of the Summer 2022/23 competition will be the end of this commitment. As actively involved members of our game every week, we’re looking to you, our umpires, coaches, team managers, players, parents, guardians and friends, to see if you can help us by volunteering. The more hands on deck will make things a lot easier. 

Pick a position on the committee

Not sure you have time? We've broken the tasks of the committee into bite size positions. The more people we have on board, the easier it'll be for everyone and will most likely only require an hour of your time each week. The link below will allow you to download our proposed organisational chart. This is how we see the association growing over time. Take a look and find a position that suits your skill set and the time you can offer. 

Positions needing immediate action:


President starting Winter comp, April 2023

Treasurer: starting Winter comp, April 2023

Secretary: starting Winter comp, April 2023

What it means to our SCNA community

In only two seasons we’ve been able to expand on our promise to make the game fairer and more enjoyable by having enough teams to grade our senior divisions and separate our junior division into under 12s and under 14s. We’ve also had multiple parents and players send their support and thanks that the competition exists. It would be a shame to see our competition end after all of the hard work we and yourselves have put in to offer this game to the community. Especially for our younger players who are developing their skills and love coming each week. 


We know that the possibility of SCNA coming to an end is a shock to those of you who enjoy the competition each week. That's why it's so important that you come forward and help us out now. 

Expressions of interest


Round 1: Interest from association umpires and friends – by Thursday 22nd December 2022

Round 2: Interest from broader SCNA community – by Monday January 9th 2023

New committee appointed at AGM: Thursday 9th February 2023

Fill out the form below or email us directly to

Let’s Work Together

Show your support. Get in touch and help save social netball in Torquay.

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