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The Surf Coast Netball Association MIXED Netball Competition gives both male and female players the opportunity to compete in organised competition with scoring, ladders and finals.  The pace is fast in this competition but the friendly banter and team camaraderie is the focus for our MIXED team.

Age group from 18 with a ratio of 3 Male players to 4 Female players,

with 3 males distributed throughout the third quarters of the court



Term 2 competition starts 26th April 2022

Tuesdays from 4.15pm

SCNA have moved to upfront fees for netball

What does this mean for you?

Team registration fees are taken before the season starts which eliminates the need to pay each week for your game. Your team registration fee will cover all court costs and umpire fees. These costs remain the same for the Surf Coast Netball Association however an upfront fee allows each team to bring these costs down by finding more players for their team. Teams can register with 7 players but we recommend your team has 8 or more players. The more players you have, the cheaper your team fee will be for each player. 

Team registration is easy 

1. Organise your players (we suggest 8 or more)

2. Make sure they've all paid their netball insurance through Netball Connect (otherwise you'll see each player's outstanding insurance fee added to your overall cost when you pay your team registration)

3. Select the competition you want to enter (Senior ladies, mixed, juniors or beginners) and register a New Team. 

4. Nominate one player to enter your team into Netball Connect (you'll need full name, email, mobile number and date of birth for each player) 

5. Pay your team registration

6. Get on the court and have a great time! 

Team Registration fee is $1531.40*

More players means cheaper registration

7 players = $218.77 each 

8 players = $191.43 each

9 players = $170.16 each 

and so on...

*A transaction fee is added at checkout and varies depending on payment type. Be sure to include this cost to your overall total. This includes outstanding insurances players have owing that will show up on your account.   

Direct Debit: A transaction fee of 1.5% +30c applies (capped at $10).
Credit Card:: A transaction fee of 2.25% + 30c is charged for domestic credit cards and 3.0% + 30c for International. For American express cards a fee of 2.7% + 30c applies. 



Please make sure each player has paid their 2022 Netball Victoria Membership (player insurance) as they wont be able to take the court without it. This is separate to your team registration fee.

Individuals who have already paid their 2022 Netball Victoria Membership won’t be required to purchase this again for the Winter season.

If you are yet to purchase your 2022 Netball Victoria Membership you will need to click on the relevant link and create a new user registration purchasing your Junior or Senior Membership.

If you don't have insurance, Seniors Netball Victoria insurance is $80 per player. 



Winter Competition Updated Fee Structure

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