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Our Winter Season 2024 will start in Term 2 and will conclude in the last week of Term 3. No games will be played during the school holidays. More information regarding the number of rounds will be confirmed. 

For Junior and Senior teams, the season will consist of home and away games followed by two (2) rounds of finals. Beginner teams will only play home and away games with no finals.

team fees

Prior to the start of each season, the SCNA Committee sets team registration fees. This amount is primarily to cover the Association’s court hire and umpire fees for that season, along with new equipment required. To ensure netball can be enjoyed by everyone, we are committed to keeping team fees as low as possible. 


For our Winter Season 2024, team fees are as follows:


Beginner team fees TBC

Junior team fees TBC

Senior team fees TBC


Team registrations for Winter Season 2024 will open in March 2024. 


If you are interested in entering a team for our next season, you can find the information on our Summer Season 2023/24 page here.


SCNA will offer the following competitions for our Winter Season 2024:

Please note that a minimum of five (5) teams is required in each competition in order for it to proceed.

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