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The current SCNA committee is made up of the following positions that have been filled by some incredible volunteers:

President: Sammy Coy and Briony Lyle

Secretary: Kate Patience

Treasurer: Carly Newton and Rebecca Keyte

Operations: Chloe Tewes and Julia Griggs

Beginners Coordinator: Abby Irwin and Laura Dubsky

Juniors Coordinator: Sammy Coy

Seniors Coordinator: Kristin Bitmead and Hayley Wilson

Umpire Coordinator: Klarynda Churchill

Social Media and Content Coordinator: Lee Wilkinson

General Committee Members: Nicole Hayes, Pia Connolly, Joanna Hilbert.

As a volunteer organisation, we are always looking for more people to get involved in the running of the Association. If you would like to find out more about our Committee, or would be interested in joining the Committee as a general member, please email

committee meetings

The SCNA convenes Committee meetings at various times throughout the year, as the need arises. All Association members are welcome to attend Committee meetings at any time, including Team Managers, players, umpires, coaches, and parents. Minutes from SCNA Committee meetings can be available upon request.


SCNA’s most recent Annual General Meeting was held on 9 February 2023. Minutes from the meeting are available here


The next AGM is planned for early 2024 and all SCNA members are welcome to attend, including team managers, team officials, coaches, umpires, players and parents/guardians.

Date of 2024 AGM: TBC

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