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(18+ years)


The Surf Coast Netball Association SENIORS competition gives players the opportunity to relive their glory days and return to the court in an organised format - where the emphasis is always on team camaraderie and fun. Our senior games can be fast-paced, but they are still suitable for players wanting to try netball for the first time. 


Our rules for seniors are more relaxed than other competitions, in order to make allowances for the unique logistics faced by individual players when trying to be available for games. Where possible, SCNA wants to avoid cancelled games and will focus on ensuring all seniors games will proceed as per the season fixture.

Let's help remind you how much you love the game of netball!

age requirements

The competition is most suited to players 18 years and over, however we will allow players from the age of 15 to take the court if they demonstrate a suitable level of skill. These exceptions will be at the discretion of the umpire and/or coach, and must have permission from the player’s parent or guardian


In keeping with Netball Victoria policies, the current SCNA senior competition is for females only


All Senior games will consist of 4 x 10 minute quarters with a 1 min break at ¼ and ¾ time and a 2 min break at ½ time.


Size 5 balls will be used for all senior games.


Where possible and dependent on team numbers, senior games will be conducted indoors between 6pm and 9pm on Tuesdays at Wurdi Baierr Stadium. All game information (teams, times and courts) will be available on NetballConnect.


Final game scores will be officially recorded through live scoring on NetballConnect. Senior teams are not required to provide scorers for their games, however if one is provided they must be at least 16 years of age.


All teams must have matching/similar outfits in the same colours. Players can wear a skirt, shorts or leggings as long as there are no pockets. Bibs will be provided by SCNA, although teams are welcome to bring their own


A minimum of five (5) senior teams per season is required in order for the competition to proceed. If there are 10 or more senior teams, we will conduct grading during rounds 1-3 of the new season and teams will be divided into A grade and B grade.


Every player must have current VNA insurance, either by registering as an SCNA player through NetballConnect and paying the required $86 for VNA, or by purchasing Single Game Vouchers each week for $5. All player names must appear on the team list on NetballConnect prior to the game. Any player whose name does not appear must show proof of Single Game Voucher and/or VNA or they are ineligible to take the court.

Fill-in players

If a senior team requires fill-in players, they can borrow a player from any other existing SCNA seniors team. Senior players may play a maximum of four (4) games in a given season for another SCNA team without penalty or restriction.

team manager

Every SCNA team is required to have a nominated Team Manager, who will be the official point of contact between the Association and the Team.  


Finals for seniors will be conducted in the last two rounds of the season. Week 1 of finals will be Semi Final (1 v 4 and 2 v 3), followed by Grand Finals in the last week. Each player must have played a minimum of five (5) games with one team during the season to be eligible for finals.

For more information about SCNA rules for our Senior Competition, see our SCNA Bylaws or visit our FAQs page.

You can also download our Seniors Competition Guidelines here

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